Because Americans are a blend of people from many countries,


there are only a few characteristics that __1__ all Americans. Perhaps


the most basic of these is American individuality that is evident in


their history from the days of their __2__. The second characteristic


shared by all Americans is their paradoxical combination of idealism


and practicality. Another typically American feature is the emphasis


they place on money and the things it can buy—that is, the


materialism. Finally, in __3__ all American families, their parents


exert less influence on them than do parents in other parts of the


world. These elements are deeply embedded in the American


character, but Americans are __4__ change in a relatively short period


of time.

( ) 1. (A) reply to (B) supply to (C) apply to (D) imply to

( ) 2. (A) founded fathers (B) founding mothers

(C) founded mothers (D) founding fathers

( ) 3. (A) basically (B) definitely (C) practically (D) realistically

( ) 4. (A) subject from (B) subjected to (C) subjected from (D) subject to

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