The Mayo researchers reported a striking difference in activity


levels between lean persons and overweight ones. Their study did not


involve deliberate exercise; it measured—with the sensors—how


much people moved about naturally and spontaneously.


The heavier ones tended to sit, while the lean ones were more


restless and spent two more hours a day on their feet—standing or


walking. The difference translated into 350 calories a day, enough for


the heavy people to take off about 14 to 18 kilograms a year, if they


would get moving.


The researchers believe the tendency to sit still or move around is


biological, governed by genetically determined levels of brain


chemicals. And that tendency influences weight—not the other way


around, they say.


Plenty of experts have been advising people to find small,


relatively painless ways to burn extra calories, like taking the stairs


instead of the elevators and parking at the far end of the lot to make


themselves walk a bit. As to why the usual weight loss remedies


frequently fail, Dr. Levine said, it is because people have a hard time


sticking with exercise programs and diets. He argues that the very


number of diet books and weight-loss plans is proof that none of


them work.

( ) 1. How many calories should a fat person shake off per day in order to stay slim?

(A) 350 grams (B) 350 kilograms (C) 14 kilograms (D) 350 calories

( ) 2. According to the passage, what is the most effective way to burn calories?

(A) Following the guidelines in the diet book.

(B) Sticking to your diet plan.

(C) Taking the elevators when possible.

(D) Walking as often as you can.

( ) 3. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?

(A) If a person is overweight, he must have a habit of going mountain climbing.

(B) If a person is slim, he must be fond of moving around.

(C) The tendency to be active or inactive is genetic, which in turn affects a person’s weight.

(D) We fail in weight-loss programs because we do not stick to exercises.

( ) 4. What can be inferred from the passage?

(A) Weight-loss programs are still quite popular.

(B) Few people find difficulty sticking to exercise programs.

(C) Most people find it easy to follow the diet programs.

(D) The usual weight loss remedies are always effective.

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